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Redfern Legacy – Gen 1.1

October 14, 2009

Founder: Patricia Redfern

I downloaded Patricia Williams from WNF Aspiration set for October, them just aged her up in CAS and customized her traits, favs etc. (and of course changed her surname 😉 )


Meet Patricia Redfern ! You will love her ‘cause she’s a slob, but she’s good; easily impressed computer whiz who handles a paintbrush with flair. Don’t waste time with three course meals; just some fruit in a cup will keep her happy while she taps her feet to the electro beat. She doesn’t want much in life, not too fussed about a career; she wants to master the arts of paper: written and painted. Love her cause she’s big and beautiful!


I got her a little plat of land, 18 Maywood Lane. I love the idea of building a legacy home from scratch. They tend to end up looking like the Weasley Burrow, but it’s home.


Click-click and we have a house. When I first started out on Sims 3 I was SO intimidated by the whole free-range type way of decorating. I was used to he structured décor of Sims 2 where Beachy Keen walls went with everything, opting for a white trim in stead of a blonde wood one. (ooh risk taker) And here I have this sandbox vanilla game where I can have any colour I wanted. Almost any texture I can click on. I can honestly say that some days it scares the crap out of me… still (ja ja, just a game I know – but that’s just me ok!)
So Patricia got a house.


Here’s where I tell you that I will spam this blog with moodlets. I love ‘em. I play Sims 3 just for these little icons. Gimme more!!
Patricia didn’t have enough money left over to paint the living room. I got her an expensive bed – invest in your rest. I didn’t want to splurge it all away on paint because her LTW isn’t a career, I know she would need extra monies to survive, pay bills etc (at least there’s no clothes shopping in Sims 3).

And of course I needed to get her an easel to get cracking at her LTW. This is her second portrait. The first one is hanging in the house already. All the rest she will sell – but her first and last I will keep as heirlooms .


Pick apples in the park for free food. Also I LOVE the gardening aspect in the game. Patricia has accidentally become an avid gardener further along in the game. Since Sims 1 Unleashed I have love it that Sims can grow their own food – I mean WE do it too, so yea.


Maybe the apple wasn’t as tasty as it looked.


So if a sim flushes the loo before taking a shower, it will still be cold. (moodlets – love ‘em) Please note the walls in the background are now painted – funds from selling park apples and the Bachelor’s tomatoes, peppers, garlic and onions. 😀

Meet Boyd Wellman. Please keep your hands outside of Patricia’s clothes… oh, you are. I see. Right. Carry on.


Meet Boyd Wellman. Here are his stats. I forget what that music icon is?? And can’t really remember his LTW. You see… it’s a long story. Brace yourself. (this all happens 2 sim days later in the game fyi) Patricia asked Boys if he is single, he says yes. She asks him to move in, and the family panel pops up: He has 3 (three) kids; 2 children, 1 toddler. They ALL have to move in with them. That just takes this game to a whole new level. So I chickened out. (That’s how I took a quick-quick screenshot of his stats btw.) I reloaded from my previous save. I edited the town and placed an adult sim into his house. So Patricia asks again for him to move in. His kids are calling him at all times during the day. And when the baby came (yes, later there was/is a baby – this is a legacy after all) then my game freezes up while they are cuddled on the bed. For 2 sim days Pat and Boyd are stuck on a double bed, and baby won’t come. I reloaded my game again. And haven’t had to since. Decided that Boyd will not be moving in. Still deciding whether any other spouse will either.

Back to present blog time, Patricia is moving in for a kiss. Her fist kiss. Ever. Is too probably. 

Did I mention Boyd is a great kisser – BONUS! I had to laugh at Patricia’s wishes later in the game though. Every time she rolled a ‘Woo hoo with Boyd’ the Lifetime Happiness points would be lower and lower. 

That house in the background is my favourite house in the game. Thought I’d share that.

Here’s a lesson in Sim reproduction. First you woo-hoo and hear the lullaby. Then your sim gets nauseous, then their tummy pops and the wave to get your attention and announce their pregnancy.

Patricia rolled a want to buy a crib. This is how I play: I purposely don’t buy some critical items, like a toilet. I wait for the sim to roll a wish (a want in Sims 2) for it, then you get points for something you had to get anyway. Although I did have to sell the couch to afford the crib.

Typical Boyd. He is so unfazed. Patricia announces her pregnancy to him and he thinks she is being sociable. Mind you, with three other kids already, another one won’t bother him much.

Moodlet! – poor Patricia can’t cook to save her life. She’d burn water if she got the chance.
And we leave Patricia now – no cliff-hanger YAY! Will Patricia get any funny cravings? What will baby’s gender be? Watch this space.

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  1. pineapple275 permalink
    December 9, 2009 1:20 am

    I hope the baby is a girl! Girl’s are the cutest. I have a boy and he kind of just sits there and does nothing.

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