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Tucker Legacy – Gen 1.1

June 13, 2010

After my Redfern legacy saved game completely died on me, I started a new one. Tucker Legacy!

Meet Violet Tucker! Nothing Random about this sim. I chose absolutely everything for her, but the heirs will all be random roll-of-the-dice offspring. I haven’t played the Journo field yet, so I made it her LTW.

Violet moved into a modest little starter home. Reminds me of the trailers from Sims 2. You know, the one Brandi Broke lived in? Gotta love the touch of French with the red window and door frames. I moved the house from the original lot to up the hill where there are {were} a lot of empty lots. I moved my own sims from other games in as neighbours. And so it begins!

After a whole day of reading cookbooks, the welcome wagon rocks up. I love autumn salad cause it doesn’t burn.

Didn’t have to search too long to find the right job. Violet found it in the paper… as a ?Papergirl? I though they were all teens!

My rule of thumb since waaaay back when I started playing Sims 1, I always tried to get them the most comfortable bed that they could afford; saves time on sleeping. I kept the butt-ugly fabric from the original bed.

She truly is the papergirl! Gotta start somewhere right; but does it really have to be the bottom of the bottom.

Oh how I lol’ed. Ever so slightly different from the Sims 2 frame-it pose. Violet hun, you’re not going to be a photo journalist… maybe it’s from her Artistic trait.

No Legacy will be a legacy without a spouse… or at least someone to her create heirs. JJ looked good in uniform… but that’s where it stopped. I think magicians work at the theatre and are NPCs like the fire-fighter and maid.

Little tip I learned from my other games, happy sims with long lasting moodlets get promotions faster. So I’ll try to get Violet cheap spa treatments so that she can sail through her career.

Oh Snap! Tamara Donner got her hair band from the same shop. Awkward gym moment too when Violet struggled with the circuit.

So she’s starting out slow with a tv workout. And wouldn’t you know it, that snapper Tamara is joining her with her legwarmers.

I saw the balloon come up that Violet came off work, but I didn’t see her in front of the building. So I zoomed on her icon and had exited at the back. There she was, studying away.

Violet tends to be late for work a lot. Mostly it’s my fault cause she stays FAR away; and I have her do some moodlet booster actions before work. I have her brush her teeth and gussy up. Then these minty fresh and attractive moodlets ups their mood – sometimes enough for a raise or promotion.

Ta daaa! Told you it works. But Automated Spell Checker? Realy? Who comes up with these jobs!?

Speaking of jobs, that’s Violet’s boss sneaking in the dark. I followed her (but forgot to take a pic it seems). Think boss lady has Evil trait cause she was scaring another sim.

Violet pops around to meet some neighbours only to find half of her welcome wagon already there… and it’s not going so well.

At Jodi’s house (I had Emperor of Evil and Leader of the Free World fall in love in another game that I imported them from) the welcome wagon was under attack. {I modelled their house on the cutest little cottage a friend of mine once lived in.

Extra mural activities also make Violet late for work. Money doesn’t grow on trees in Sims 3 you know. And Violet is picking up loads of gardening skill from raiding fruit and veg from other gardens and parks.

I think Grady is a maid – always good to have a neat sim in the house. And he’s single too!

GoGo Violet! Asking for a raise AND getting it!

She was due for a promotion anyway. She had to stay late (one of those extra little goals to achieve that pop up occasionally). She didn’t get any money, just the Staffer of the week award.

I find this uniform hilarious. Leader of the Free world has a leopard print shirt. Violet does her first interview. (I’m starting to like this Journalism career!)

Freelance writer has such a cool uniform! Fedora and all.

I was trying to figure out how this whole Stories and Reviews bar worked. I thought you only had to interview sims and she’ll write the stories at work.

Needless, she got the promotion quick quick. Professional Blogger pays a lot!

I really REALLY love the whole laptop concept that they brought in with Sims 3. Now Violet can take her work with her. Few spare minutes on the beach? Write a review! Waiting to meet a friend in the park? Check out other bloggers!

Aaaah… light bulb moment: THAT’s how you get to review a movie. Same goes for restaurants. She has different menu options as a Journo.

And as all journo’s worth their tarnished plated gold knows, the best stories are from other sims’ trash. Violet is trying to dig up sme dirt on Jodi. She doesn’t trust that sim one bit.

The bin was squeaky clean, so good old interview methods are in order. Or at least that the excuse she used when Jodi caught her harvesting her tomatoes.

When will Violet start dating? When will she stop wearing that signature stripy shirt outfit? Will she get non-eye-sore bedding? Find out in the next post of Tucker Legacy

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